This privacy and Cookie policy (the “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) sets forth [Zingy Fitness Ltd.]’s (hereinafter “GUDU”, “we”, “our” or “us”), as updated from time to time, sets forth our practices for collecting and processing Personal Information in connection with our Website and Application and in the provision of our Services.


  1. Definitions
    1. “Anonymized Information” or “Non-PII” shall mean any information, data or content, in any format or media, which is anonymous and/or does not personally identify you as an individual and/or cannot be attributed to you as an individual (such as your browser type). We may use some electronic tools to collect Non-PII, as detailed in Section ‎3 below.
    2. “Application” or “App” shall mean the GUDU application available at the “App Store” and “Google Play”.
    3. “Information” – shall mean Non-PII and PII, together.
    4. “Personal Identifiable Information” or “PII” shall mean any information, data or content, in any format or media, which can personally identify you as an individual (such as your name, e-mail address, phone number), or as otherwise defined as such in applicable law.
    5. “Services” shall mean the services provided by us through the Website and Application, from time to time.
    6. “Terms of Use” shall mean the terms which govern your use of the Site and App available at [Please add link], as updated from time to time.
    7. “Visitor”, “you”, “yours” shall mean a natural person who enters our Website or Application.
    8. “Website” or “Site” shall mean the website owned and operated by GUDU available at

Other capitalized terms which are not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.

  1. Collection of Personal Information
    1. General: The collection of PII commences when you register and create an account for our App and/or when logging in to our App through your Facebook account. Additionally we may collect Personal Information during the use of our Services via implicit data capture measures when you visit our Site or App, such as studying which pages you read the most and through the use of Cookies (as defined below).
    2. PII you may provide us: When you register and create an account for our App, you will provide us with your name, email address, phone number, date of birth and gender. In addition, in order to participate in the Sessions as provided through our Services, you will be required to provide additional PII such as Health information by filling out a Health Statement. When logging in through your Facebook user ID you will provide us with PII regarding your gender, age and date of birth. Please do not provide any more PII than is needed for us to contact you.
    3. PII we collect or generate: We also use technological tools (detailed below) through which we may collect the following PII by accessing your personal phone features and data:  your IP addresses, geographic location, phone camera, pictures and photo albums, personal contacts and address book, calendar and notifications.
  2. Anonymized Information
    1. General. The collection of PII commences when you register and create an account for our App and/or after logging in to our App through your Facebook account. Additionally we may collect Personal Information during the use of our Services. We collect PII for the purposes detailed in Section 4 below.
    2. PII we collect or generate: We use the technological tools (detailed below) in order to collect Non-PII. The Non PII we collect includes passively collected information about your activities on the Site or on the App, such as usage information, demographic information (such as gender and age) to the extent that the information is not linked to your Personal Information. We may also supplement the information we collect with information from other sources to assist us in evaluating and improving our Site and App and Services offered through them.
  3. The Purposes for which we collect and use the Information
    1. Your PII shall be used by GUDU for the following purposes: (a) to verify your identity and to prevent fraud; (b) to present you with all the relevant Suppliers and Sessions in your area; (c) to contact you for feed-back about our Services; (d) to notify you about upcoming Sessions and other relevant events; (e) to create an event in your calendar reminding you of your booked Session; (f) to access your pictures and photo albums in order to create a profile picture or custom a cover photo; (g) to access your camera in order to read the QR before entering into a Session; (h) to provide you with coupons and discounts upon our sole discretion; (i) to support the Services offered through the Site and App and provide service information; (j) to provide Suppliers with the required Information so that they can render the Sessions; (k) to comply with court orders and warrants and to take any action in any legal dispute and proceeding; and (l) to enforce the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, and/or as otherwise authorized by you;
    2. Your Non-PII shall be used by GUDU for the following purposes: (a) to monitor and analyze your use of the Site and App for the technical administration and troubleshooting of the Site and App; (b) for commercial research and further development; (c) improving the Site and App by creating system analytics and statistical data; (d) to transfer to third party vendors, service providers, contractors who are working on our behalf for storage, process and/or back up purposes; (e) to compile and aggregate statistical trends; and (f) for any other legitimate purpose.
    3. You hereby warrant and represent that you will not have any claim and/or demand, of any kind, regarding the use of the PII or Non-PII for any legitimate purpose.
  4. Technological tools for collection of Information
    1. We use third party API’s from Facebook and Google on our Site and App to collect Information.
    2. Depending on your computer and cellular phone settings, you may be allowed to refuse the use of such tools (whether in whole or in part). However, this may affect your ability to use the Site and Application, including to access and use certain features of the Services.
  5. Transfer to Third Parties
    1. You hereby acknowledge and provide your informed consent, that in connection with the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, GUDU may share and/or otherwise transfer the Information to other third parties, as follows:
      1. Suppliers, for the purpose of rendering their services, including without limitation, the Sessions.
      2. Third party service providers which assist us in the operation of the Site, App and/or Services, including (without limitations) for storage or hosting of the Information and/or for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy;
      3. In order to comply with any applicable law or legal requests, court orders and warrants including from law enforcement agencies, or when we believe in good faith that disclosure of Information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm, financial loss or to report suspected illegal activity. In all cases, such Information will only be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws;
      4. To take any action in any case of dispute involving you with respect to your usage of our Site, App and/or Services;
      5. In connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of our assets or in the event of bankruptcy.
    2. Please be advised that Information may be hosted, stored, processed, maintained and transferred to various countries outside of your state or country (including in Europe or the USA), where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction, using servers and cloud based technology, and by using the Site, App or Services, you hereby provide your informed consent to the use and/or process and/or hosting, storage and/or transfer of the Information to countries outside your state or country.
  1. Cookies
    1. We may use cookies and other similar technologies for a number of purposes including to remember preferences, track conversions, conduct marketing and promotional efforts, analyze site traffic and trends, and generally understand the online behaviors and interests of people who interact with our Site, App and Services.
    2. We may use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements on our behalf or to provide advertising-related services. These companies may use a cookie or an action tag to tailor the advertisements you may see on our Site and App, to track your response to their advertisement, to determine whether advertising has been served and to measure the effectiveness of their advertising or to award incentives or points to their members who respond to their advertisements. The cookies, action tags or similar files do not contain any Personal Information.
  2. Rights regarding Personal Information
    1. You have the right to review your PII that is stored in our database(s) and may have a right, under applicable law, to provide a request for update, amendment and/or deletion by contacting us at We will act in accordance with the applicable law, in order to comply with your request. However, we may retain certain PII as deemed required by and/or as otherwise permitted by applicable law.
    2. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, Your PII will be retained for as long as necessary to support the collection and the use purposes under this Policy and for other legitimate business purposes, for example, for storing data, for documentation, for cyber-security management purposes, legal proceedings and tax issues; the Non-PII will be kept indefinitely.
  3. Security. We take the safeguarding of the Information very seriously, and use a variety of methods to try to protect the Information from loss or unauthorized use or access when it is in our possession or control, including reasonable technical and organizational measures that restrict access to the Information. However, we do not promise or guarantee that any Information will be fully protected from unauthorized disclosure or use.
  4. Links to Third Party Sites. The Site and App may enable interaction with or contain links to other third party sites, such as the Suppliers, for which privacy practices we are not responsible. Please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of each such third party that you choose to use or interact with.
  5. Children. The Site, App and Services are not intended for or directed to persons under the age of 18 years, and we do not intend to collect Personal Information from anyone we know to be under 18 years. If we learn that we have collected Personal Information from a person under the age of 18 years, we will delete that information as quickly as possible.
  6. Changes to the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at our sole discretion. We will inform our users of material changes by posting a new Privacy Policy or a notice on the Site and App.

Contact Us. If you have any concerns or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: